Gym TRIB 3 | Moscow | 2017

  • Team

    Vladislav Gayduk, Vasiliy Korotkov
  • Completion date

  • Location

    4-th Lesnoy lane, 4
  • Site
  • Area

    400 м2
  • Photographer

    Vladislav Feoktistov

Fitness boutique “TRIB3” works on a system of High Intensity Interval Training. Here
everything is subordinate to the new training format: from walls of concrete and glass
blocks to light, music and fresh juice in a bar.
Located in one of the most prestigious and beautiful business centers of Moscow –
“White Stone” on Belorusskaya. TRIB3 is focused on “modern person” who, generally, is
very limited in time, wants to keep up, and get the maximum effect. Workout here is hard