Crazy North | Moscow | 2018

  • Team

    Vladislav Gayduk, Vasiliy Korotkov
  • Completion date

  • Location

    Rozhdestvenskiy b-r, 20
  • Site
  • Area

    29 м2
  • Photographer

    Polina Poludkina

On the area of only 25m2 are located: the main area, fitting room, cash desk and a small
store-room. The main room is square shape on the plan, area less than 20m2. The main
task is to expose as many items as possible, despite the fact that almost all of it should be
hanging. Behind the cashier’s counter, located in the center of the main space, we placed a
fitting room, having separated it from the counter by a wall. We made a circular layout,
using which it was possible to use all the walls to expose clothes.