Casting Cafe | Moscow | 2018

  • Team

    Vladislav Gayduk, Vasiliy Korotkov
  • Completion date

  • Location

    Noviy Arbat, 24
  • Site
  • Area

    110 м2
  • Photographer

    Vladislav Feoktistov

A restaurant with a self-explanatory name “Casting” for 55 seats is located in the
building of the “Oktyabr” cinema on Novy Arbat. We decided to mix the references to
the interiors of the cult TV series Twin Peaks with the allusions to the 70s and adding
modern accents to the space. The concrete wall was painted by the famous street-art
artist from St. Petersburg Misha Uteev. The idea was to make associations with the
streets of Berlin or Brooklyn.The wall, as an element of modernity, has become the key
element of the interior – the rest of the space was formed around it.